About us

We jumpped into the tattoo world in 2010 and since then we started to analyse that world, customers' needs and how to satisfy them. When it comes to customer service and selling, our experience reaches to 2004, when we started provide goods and service to business and individual customers. With the passage of the time, our small company 'Jokers' has transferred into 'Jikers Tattoo LTD'. We gained new experience through those years in designing and production, creating unique design of our own products, so that our customers receive outstanding product and they may also be sure of professional and qualitatively high logistic service. We import our products from the USA and Europe, but we also have section of cheap products from China. Everyone will find something for himself! We specialize in picking appropriate product in a reasonable price for your adventore with tattooing. What is more, we follow Occupational Safety and Health rules.